I created this page to showcase some of my art and photography. This website was originally created way back in 1998 for my auto racing photography and the design hadn't really been updated since then. And many of the pages still haven't been. Ah well, like all things in life, it's a work in progress.

Deadliest Catch Photos and Artwork

Back in February 2010, we got 3 feet of snow here in DC. Since I was effectively housebound for the better part of a week, I got a Netflix subscription and started watching a series a couple of my friends kept recommending, Deadliest Catch. I got hooked. :-) Something about the show rekindled my interest in digital art as well, and I began to create images of the boats and crews.
Catch Artwork (Facebook)

Please also browse my other Facebook albums for photos from other Deadliest Catch events, including the recent Hollywood Premiere, along with images from my trips to Alaska, Mexico and many other places. For those who prefer not to use Facebook, check out my Picasa and Flickr albums as well.

You can also get updates and info by following my blog Vagabonding with Gail and Twitter feed @GailKapusnick

Stay tuned for more!

Gail Kapusnick

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